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Mimi Bedaso

Noah Sunrise

As a mother of six, I lived in England for years but recently returned to Ethiopia. I bought my home from Noah Real Estate and am now purchasing a commercial property. I also bought an apartment at Sunrise Apartments, where I currently live. I'm thrilled with the amenities, especially the playground for my kids. Noah Real Estate has truly enhanced our quality of life.


Mr. Wondessen Eshetu

Noah Airport Drive

“My name is Wondessen, and I've lived in Melbourne, Australia, for the past 33 years. I had a desire to buy a house in my home country, Ethiopia, and started searching for a trustworthy company. That's when I found Noah Real Estate. I bought an apartment at their Airport Drive site and am very glad and happy with my purchase. My connection with the sales consultants and the entire team has been excellent."


Maeza Aklilu and Amare Demiss

Noah Oasis

We are Maeza Aklilu and Amare Demiss from Virginia, USA. Recently, we decided to buy property in our home country, Ethiopia, and began searching for a trusted property developer. We found Noah Real Estate and decided to approach them. The treatment we received was exceptional. The sales consultants provided us with detailed explanations about the properties, and their professionalism impressed us. Initially, we planned to buy one house, but we ended up purchasing two. We are very happy with our decision and are ready to promote Noah Real Estate in Virginia."


Mr. Daniel Moges

Noah Jember Village

My name is Daniel Moges, and I was the first client of Noah Real Estate ten years ago. At that time, the real estate market was not good, but Noah came with a new approach. I bought my villa at Noah Jember Village for 7.5 million birr, and I was very happy with it. After living there for six years, I sold it to my friend for 20 million birr. I also referred my friends to buy houses from Noah. Now, I feel like part of the Noah Real Estate family