Noah Real Estate Launched the 29th Project!

Noah Real Estate has been in the market for almost 10 years now. Over the years, we had 28 projects, of which we delivered to our clients, and the rest we are dedicatedly working on to the finish. And today, we have officially launched our 29th project, Noah Yeka Hills!
Noah Yeka Hills is a G+20 luxury apartment located in the central part of Addis, right in front of the British Embassy in Kebena area. In addition to its excellent location with great views and easily manageable traffic, the residential apartment is now being constructed in diplomat standard with 2 and 3-bedroom options. The area is highly secure given the numerous embassies situated around it. And all the necessary amenities such as schools and hospitals are found in proxy to make an ideal life become a reality.
Noah Yeka Hills is now officially on sale. The apartment will be delivered to customers in 36 months. The interiors of the units are highly standardized to quality and modern living. Noah Real Estate will install kitchen countertops, closets, and wooden doors in all 180 units of the apartment. The kitchens and bathrooms will be built with high-grade ceramic while all the windows will have granite seals. The aluminum profile for the external windows will feel the place with a natural light maintaining all the units breezy and spacious.
If you’re wondering to have a luxury residential apartment, don’t even think twice. Noah Real Estate has brought you the definition of a luxury apartment right on time! Noah Yeka Hills is now officially on sale!!!
Our sales offices are situated at Bole Medhaniyalem, Abyssinia Plaza, 12th floor, and Bole next to Alem Cinema, Noah Plaza 1st floor.
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