Art has the power to be so much more than how we decorate our walls, it tells a story about the people and the organizations that inhabit the space. It opens minds, broadens horizons, challenges fixed mindsets, and facilitates learning. The aesthetic value of art can boost creative thinking and reinvigorate employees throughout the workday. We believe its powerful reach extends all the way to our customers and partners.
In celebration of our recent Branch office launch at Noah Plaza, Noah Real Estate PLC joined hands with multidisciplinary young artists on August 4, 2022, for the Noah art week opening night; an art exhibition staying up to August 7, 2022.
Beza Teka, Noah Plaza Branch Office Sales Manager, opened the evening with a speech addressing the company’s milestone in the presence of staff members, sister companies, and partners. Following the speech, poets took the stage and marked the moment with a notable and pleasurable performance.
Over the past week, we worked closely with the artists to curate artworks best suited for the allocated space based on design aesthetics and project specifications. The materials in this exhibition project a fusion of modernity and tradition. By exhibiting Digital artworks along with acrylic paintings, the space displayed how two generations of the same time yet different crafts from distant timelines can agree on their artistic philosophy.

The exhibition also involved children through an art contest. The artists exhibiting works at this event will also put their expertise in judging each submission for winners to be announced and rewarded on the closing day, August 7, 2022.
We are determined to build an empowered community of youth as much as quality neighborhoods we construct. It was a pleasure having you all at this art week opening night!


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