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We are here with our monthly newsletter and this month we have brought to you an investment of a lifetime focused on Noah City Point, a commercial and office complex at one of the city’s prime business location, at 22 roundabout. Buying your own office space, in addition to a vast positive financial impact, has numerous benefits as also discussed in more detail.

Most people nowadays save their money in the bank for many reasons and some of it being for an investment, for the interest banks offer, to use it for an unforeseen expense at a later time, etc. Saving at the bank might help us earn a 5-9% interest but is that really worth our money to be kept there for a whole year or less?

Today we are here to open your eyes by showing you where to invest your money and why it’s important to invest on something that will bring you an income for a lifetime without having to hustle. We started building Noah City Point for the purpose of investment on office and commercial spaces.

Saving at the bank is still a great idea by the end of the year you will end up with an interest of 280,000 birr which you can use for another investment and you can increase your investment option from the money you get.

According to Ethiopia central bank our money has devaluated in 15% last year. Money will start to devaluate after sometime and the money you kept or saved now will not have the same value after a year or even in 6 months so if you’re thinking of saving your money for later use you should consider using the money elsewhere such as investing with it before it loses the appreciation. According to Ethiopia central bank our money has devaluated in 15% last year.

This graph here represents Noah City Point and the amount of money you will earn after 2 years investment. If you buy an office you can be able to rent it out or you can use it to build your company in which you will gain 558,000 birr a year which makes it 4,558,000 in total.

Other benefits from City point

  • Permanent address - regardless the type of business location has a big impact on your ability to attract clients and talents alike
  • Fixed and known cost – avoid rent increments and thereby stability and predictability in your expenditure
  • Alternative income stream – renting out all or part of the space will bring you income stream to count on
  • Solid investment opportunity for yourself or your company – as property values appreciate you stand to gain
  • Flexibility – 100% in control of how your space is used
  • Well managed – owning together with likeminded businesses who have same level of interest in their ownership is bound to generate a better managed property that is attractive for visitors and is joyful for those that work within the facility.
  • ROC Spaces, an affiliated property management service, will make this process seamless.


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