Noah City Point Commercial Building

We are making varied investment opportunities available to our clients. We are now selling office spaces from 130 - 1344 sqm from 4th floor all the way up to 12th floor located at one of the city’s prime business location, at 22 roundabout, Spaces to be leased out for local and international companies. City Point adds up to an awesome business advantage by having one of the greatest location in Addis for your company.

Why Buy an Office

  • Permanent address - regardless of the type of business location has a big impact on your ability to attract clients and talents alike
  • Fixed and known cost – avoid rent increments and thereby stability and predictability in your expenditure
  • Alternative income stream – renting out all or part of the space will bring you income stream to count on
  • Solid investment opportunity for yourself or your company – as property values appreciate you stand to gain
  • Flexibility – 100% in control of how your space is used
  • Well managed – owning together with likeminded businesses who have same level of interest in their ownership is bound to generate a better-managed property that is attractive for visitors and is joyful for those that work within the facility. ROC Spaces, an affiliated property management service, will make this process seamless.

Financial Considerations of Buying an Office

Looking closer at the financial considerations of buying an office space we have below provided a chart clearly illustrating a couple of modest scenarios over a period of 10-years and a 100 sqm office space:

  • Rent and with the assumption of 5% annual rent increase
  • Buy and with the assumption of 5% value appreciation
The result is one that will have vast impact on your financials as follows:
    If you rent you will be spending on rent 5.74 million and will have earned no equity If you buy your property will appreciate 5.58 million and will naturally have full equity


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